Willoughby Fine Art Gallery

Nadia Mahfuz

Nadia Mahfuz has transcended the barrier between form and function and created a body of work that captures our world with all of its surprisingly ordinary beauty. Her ability to depict modern scenarios is humbled by the classical mastery of technique with which she executes her paintings. Whether landscape, still life, portraiture or figurative work, Nadia creates paintings of such unquestionable beauty that they become timeless for both this generation and the next.

Nadia studied in the Boston School tradition for five years. Following the atelier system of 19th century France; the instructions emphasized drawing from life, color seen in nature, form, and the understanding of how to capture light. The lineage of the Boston School goes back to the French Academies and includes such distinguished painters as William McGregor Paxton, Edmund Tarbell, and Jean Leon Gerome. Nadia also studied portraiture at the historic Fenway Studios under Robert Cormier, New York artist Carol Bolsey, and Massachusetts College of Art under George Nick. She has won numerous awards and her work can be found in many prestigious private collections here and abroad.

Nadia has been a member of the Guild of Boston Artists, the Copley Society, and an invited critique at Harvard Architectural School for the past 10 years. She is presently an active member of the historic Providence Art Club in Providence Rhode Island. Nadia is a much sought after interior designer and recently purchased 2,500 Sq. ft. of space in an old mill in which she designed a loft as her studio residence.

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