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Thomas McLauchlin

It is a rare and wonderful gift to be able to create beauty that people can take into their homes, where it enriches their lives. The graceful, luminous “romantiscapes” of Thomas McLauchlin do just that, as they evoke the Impressionist styles of Vincent Van Gogh and Auguste Renoir, two masters whom McLauchlin admires tremendously and who influenced his style. Others include Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, John Singer Sargent, Edgar Degas, and Joaquin Sorolla.

Thomas McLauchlin won a scholarship to the College of William and Mary, which he followed with studies at the prestigious Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He later earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from Syracuse University.

In the succeeding years, as a commercial artist, advertising art director and creative director, McLauchlin garnered innumerable professional awards and has seen his work showcased on posters, album covers and books. In addition, the artist has studied under such notable talents as Charles Sybley, Joe Bowler, Mark English, Bernie Fuchs and Baron Storey.

Says the artist, “I like to paint beauty as I find it in women and children, to concentrate on the beauty of the human figure, not the background.” He adds, “The light hitting the subject, the flow of women’s long dresses, I just love capturing the romanticism of that beauty. I love people, and I love capturing mood and a story, a picture.” McLauchlin seeks to involve viewers dynamically. “I like to try to invoke the thought, what are they doing, what are they thinking; what’s behind what’s going on in the painting?”

The work of Thomas McLauchlin is highly collected and exhibited nationally.

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