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Jerry Messman

Born in Woodstock Illinois, Jerry attended both the University of Illinois and the University of Minnesota, graduating with a degree in Architecture. He has worked as a practicing architect since 1968, receiving many local and national awards. In the mid 1990’s, he did the “House of the Future” design for Newsweek magazine which was later built for the television show HOMETIME. He also designed the ABOD, a low cost housing system built for South Africa as slum replacement housing.

Jerry has always considered art as an integral part of what defines him, so in the past decade he has continued to devote more & more time to the creation of fine art. His painting style can certainly be defined as “Realism” that combines his creative talents with the attention to detail provided by his architectural background. This combination allows him to capture the emotion of a particular place at a particular moment in time. His trained eye is focused on compositional elements, along with color, lighting, detail and a strong emotional pull. To capture these moments in time, Jerry will choose between two media, pastel or acrylic. The choice made will depend upon the subject and the visual character he wants to elicit.

When holding a pastel in a similar manner as he would his architectural pencils, Jerry feels he has a direct connection with the canvas. The resulting painting shares certain characteristics with an architectural rendering, but may have a softer more blended feel conveying a feeling of spontaneity in the finished work. By controlling the stick of pastel, he is still able to achieve sharp edges and detail that can border on photo realism.

When painting with acrylic, Jerry enjoys its quick drying characteristic which allows him to apply paint in a consistency similar to oil, or if he chooses he can apply thin delicate washes not unlike those utilized in the watercolor technique.

Jerry’s work has received many awards, and can be found in the April, 2010 issue of the Pastel Journal. Jerry has national gallery representation.

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